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This is what I often do when creating characters. It's not new, but maybe it'll be useful to someone.

pick a photo of someone and create a character by slowly building on the detailsCollapse )
This one I've pilfered from the book Now Write edited by Sherry Ellis and this particular exercise is written by Rachel Basch.

How do we move from the idea of character - the superficials, the resume, the outline - to the creation of a person as palpable and animate as we are? Stuff. We look at their stuff. We paw through their pockets and rifle through their drawers.

Exercise under the cutCollapse )

Welcome and Community Guidelines Post

Hi, you've stumbled on a community that is all about Writing Exercises. The aim is to gather as many writing exercises as possible into one place to act a useful resource for writers.

This community is currently under construction. I'm seeing what works and happy to change things. Feedback is welcome.

If you have writing exercises you'd like to share, please follow these simple guidelines:

1) LJ cuts are your friend. Please outline what the exercise is in a few sentences and then put the rest of the text under an LJ cut.
2) Please be considerate of people's friend-list pages and to people on dial up. Images larger than 250px in height MUST go under an LJ cut.
3) Please use correct spelling and grammar.
4) No image-only prompts. There are whole communities aimed at image-only prompts and prompt tables already.
5) Please note that for the moment, all posts will be moderated. This is so I can make appropriate tags and check that the post is appropriate. This may change in the future.
6) If you are taking an exercise directly word-for-word from another source (e.g. a book), please give credit to the author.

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